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Henry Winning & Co Ltd

Business Address: Henry Winning & Company, 16/18 Caroline Street, Parkhead, Glasgow G31 5DD

Country: Scotland,

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About Henry Winning & Co Ltd

Henry Winning & Company are one of Europe's leading twine and string manufacturers and have been supplying innovative and quality solutions to the packaging industry in the UK for over 130 years.

Henry Winning & Co. was formed in 1880. James Hamilton (married to Annie Winning) started the business, having the knowledge of Rope and Twine manufacturing he had gained from a previous job in a local Rope Company. Annie’s brother Henry helped in the setup of the company, hence the name Henry Winning & Co.

James and Annie had four sons, three of which went into the family business John, William and James. John’s two sons, James and Alex, joined the firm in the early 1930’s and ran the business until the mid to late 80’s.

Alex’s son, John, and James’ son, Robert, were bought in as partners in the late 70’s and as the fourth generation, ran the business together until 2009, when Robert retired. John and his wife Elizabeth, currently run the business today.

The company has now specialised in the manufacture of twines. Throughout the previous decade, the business was split between merchanting twines the company could not produce itself, and cleaning and reselling used flour bags to the coal and associated trade.

Today 95% of the products sold by the company are produced in our factory at Caroline Street, Parkhead Glasgow.

Henry Winning & Company produces natural and synthetic twines in various sizes and thicknesses. The twines are used for many applications including Butchery, Baling, Packaging, Sewing, stationery and Upholstery trades.