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G&S Valves Ltd

Business Address: G&S Valves Ltd, Alder Works, Catteshall Lane, Godalming, Surrey. GU7 1JS England

Country: England,

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About G&S Valves Ltd

G&S Valves Ltd. specialises in manufacturing a wide range of valves, from 'one off' prototypes for engine development, up to ongoing scheduled contracts for larger companies.

G&S Valves Ltd. was founded on July 13th 1946 by Mr. Harry Grenside and his partner Mr. Ralph Saunders, the company was originally known as G&S Motors located in a small factory in Milford, Surrey, England.

In 1947 G&S Valves acquired its first major customer, Petters of Staines. By 1959 the work load had increased so much that new premises had to be found. This was to be a purpose built factory in Catteshall Lane, Godalming, when the name changed to G&S Valves.

Over the next few years the range of valves produced was increased to include those for competition engines and racing cars as well as for the English motor cycle industry. During this time they earned a reputation as a high quality engine valve manufacturer, supplying the likes of:

  • Cosworth Racing
  • Lotus
  • Ford Competition Department
  • and many others.

In 1974 Mr. Robert Grenside & Mr. Neville Nichols took over control of G&S Valves Ltd. and continued to improve quality of the valves produced. 1980 saw the purchase of a Forge, based in the West Midlands, which Mr. Trevor Abbotts, formally from TRW, took control of this new acquisition allowing us to make purpose made forgings for the ever increasing valve business.

Due to the increasing complexity of some of the shapes required by some of our racing customers, G&S Valves had to purchase a number of CNC Lathes and Grinders to produce these new designs. With this came the need to install a CAD system to create the drawings needed.

In 1991 Mr. Andrew Grenside joined the company and used his knowledge in computers to set up this new system. This new set-up has improved the production techniques and quality of all of valves produced at G&S, and is looking forward to new challenges in the forthcoming years.