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Grundon Waste Management Limited

Business Address: Grundon Waste Management Limited, Thames House, Oxford Road, Benson, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 6LX

Country: England,

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About Grundon Waste Management Limited

Grundon - the UK’s largest family-owned waste management company.

Founded in 1929 by Stephen Grundon, this family owned company is the largest privately owned waste management group in the UK. The company is well respected nationally for its professionalism and is acknowledged to be in the vanguard of waste management practice and innovation.

Grundon has developed from a local aggregate supply business into a national commercial group in the industrial services sector, with interests in:

Waste Management

  • waste minimisation consultancy advice
  • collection of waste from local authorities and industrial and commercial developments
  • recycling, green waste treatment and recovery
  • disposal of residuals via treatment, landfill or energy from waste facilities
  • provision of services to local authorities such as civic amenity sites
  • developing technological solutions to industrial waste problems

Minerals Development

  • extraction of sands and gravels, clays and pathway materials
  • mineral processing to supply general local and more specialised markets
  • restoration of mineral workings for public amenity, nature conservation and recreation facilities

Facilities Management

  • leisure and amenity services
  • industrial and commercial contracts
  • estate management

Clinical Waste

In March 1990, the company invested £2 million to commission one of the world's most advanced high temperature clinical waste incinerators. Meeting all the existing EC pollution controls, Grundon had again initiated a major advancement in waste management ahead of the competition. This plant is currently being redeveloped as part of a long term integrated waste management strategy.

Grundon are also actively investigating alternative technologies for the management of all types of waste and have hydroclave facilities at Knowl Hill, near Maidenhead to treat low-grade clinical and healthcare wastes and animal by-product waste.

Recovery and Recycling

As a response to forthcoming changes in legislation, in 1995 Grundon invested £1 million in its first Materials Recovery Facility to sort waste materials for recycling. On the proven performance of this facility, the company has been awarded contracts with high profile public and private sector organisations who seek to increase the amount of waste they recycle.


Landfill ImageConstant appraisal of market trends and a continuing investment in research and development are at the heart of Grundon's successful leadership in the market place. Current research includes hazardous waste collection from domestic premises, improved recycling facilities for domestic and industrial waste including hazardous materials and improved site restoration for leisure use on completed landfill sites.