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Grassland Dairy Products Inc

Business Address: Grassland Dairy Products Inc, N8790 Fairground Avenue, Greenwood, WI 54437

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About Grassland Dairy Products Inc

For more than a century, we have been delighting our customers with fine butter and dairy products, crafted with care and developed with innovation.

The Grassland story began in the pristine farmlands of central Wisconsin in 1904, when John Wuethrich started picking up local cream from his neighbors and hand-churning it into delicious, natural butter. He used time-honored methods and craftsmanship he brought from Europe to begin a new tradition of quality and excellence in the American heartland. The Grassland brand was on its way to becoming a national leader in the butter and dairy products industry.

As demand increased and John Wuethrich Company, Inc. grew, new processes were employed, but never at the expense of quality or product integrity. Horse-drawn wagons and sleighs were replaced with trucks; milk cans gave way to stainless steel tanks; and wooden vane churns were put aside for modern continuous churns that could turn cream into butter in a fraction of the time. Advanced butter printers can now package product into virtually any size or container to meet consumer preferences. In time, the company name was changed to Grassland Dairy Products, Inc. to reflect the strength of the Grassland brand.

The quaint wooden structure where Mr. Wuethrich first churned his butter has evolved into a spacious, ultra-modern manufacturing facility that houses cutting-edge technology and processes. To efficiently fill the demand for Grassland products over a broad geographic area, plants were acquired in West Point, Nebraska, and Hyrum, Utah. All adhere to the same standards, methods and commitment to quality that have made Grassland a trusted name for more than one hundred years.

Today, Grassland is an industry leader providing a wide range of butter products, packages and brands to retailers, foodservice operations and the industrial dairy market. Over 850 producers ship millions of gallons of milk to Grassland each day to be churned into butter and distributed across the United States and in foreign countries. But with every pound, pat or tub of butter comes the same commitment to quality, service and value John Wuethrich established more than a century ago. Third and fourth generation members of the Wuethrich family continue to have a passion for their business that will carry on for generations to come.