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Business Address: Gardners, 149 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ

Country: England,

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About Gardners

Established in 1870 Gardners is a traditional family business which specialises in the sale and distribution of bags. The business sells a wide range of other goods including cash tills, heat sealing machines and stall covers.

Gardners story begins with Paul’s Great Grandad James. James initially decided to set up a business specialising in scale repairs, catering for the many market traders working within Spitalfields at the time. This business prospered during these times and prided itself on its customer service and product knowledge.

Four generations later much of Gardners remains the same. Paul Gardner has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors James, John, Bertie, Roy and Vera in keeping the family business alive, much to the delight of many of the local residents.

Gardners has been attracting much media publicity recently, forming a key part of the recently published Spitalfields Life book as well as featuring on BBC London news, BBC London Radio, the East London film festival and The Monocle radiostation.

Our Values

Like many traditional family businesses Gardners customer service and product knowledge is second to none. Paul has been working in the business for over forty years and during this time he has built up extensive knowledge of the industry. Whether you’re a new business starting up, an established one looking for a new product or a one off buyer Paul can give you the help and advice you need in a friendly informal manner.

Gardners also has the advantage of being able to sell its products in small quantities. The reason why so many market traders are attracted to Gardners is because they are able to buy small quantities of goods at affordable prices, something many other business are unable to do.