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Frederick’s Ice Cream Limited

Business Address: Frederick’s Ice Cream Limited, Bolton Road Dairies, Heath Charnock, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 4AL

Country: England,

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About Frederick’s Ice Cream Limited

Manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing Italian style ice cream in Chorley, Heath Charnock and Wigan.

We have an incredible family history. A story which has been the subject of many a school show-and-tell projects over the years! We’ll spare you the long story but the highlights start in 1896 when our Great-Grandfather left his small home town of Setterone (high in the Appennini Mountains in North West Italy) with his two brothers, who all walked to England to find work and a better life.

They originally settled in St Helens and started manufacturing real Italian ice cream. People loved it and the business grew. They enjoyed their success and the brothers started their own families.

In 1936, our Grandfather married his sweetheart, an Italian ice cream girl herself. Originally from the beautiful town of Vigiolo in Liguria, Italy, our Grandmother’s family, the Massas, had been making ice cream in Chorley, Lancashire since 1892.

As a generous wedding gift, our Grandparents were given their very own ice cream shop and factory – and from here we still make all our delicious ice cream today!

Now our parents are in charge, assisted by us, their children, making us the fourth generation of this very successful family!

Quality and luxury are our guiding principles. This drives our every decision. We continually look for new and innovative products and production methods, keeping us ahead of the game.

We manufacture the best quality luxury ice cream on the market. Our wholesale customers love our quick responses to requests for new flavours. And now with four high-spec Italian ice cream parlours, we retail our delicious products direct to customers.

We are’s NW Family Business of the Year and have won so many product quality awards at the National Ice Cream Alliance’s annual competitions that we’ve run out of space in the offices to display them all! We have been National Champions and have countless industry diplomas for our ice cream.

Frederick’s Ice Cream supports local, community-based sporting activities. Each year we share our Community Charity Fund amongst local groups needing investment for sporting-related activities and equipment. So from skipping ropes to football pitches, we may be able to help!