MON 9TH DEC 2019


Bringing the family business community together

Fowlers Forest Dairies Ltd

Business Address: Fowlers Forest Dairies Ltd. Small Lane, Earlswood, Warwickshire B94 5EL

Country: England,

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About Fowlers Forest Dairies Ltd

Fowlers are the oldest cheese making family business in England.

Fowlers are the oldest cheese making family business in England and are continuing the traditions of handcrafted cheeses at the dairy in the leafy pastures of Earlswood.

The same care and traditional skills used in Derbyshire and handed down since before 1840 to the 14th generation are producing our Gold and Silver award winning cheeses today.

Fowlers take pride in their environment and animal welfare standards. Most of their cheeses are suitable for vegetarians and are G.M.O. free.  However, the new Soft Bard is G.M.O. free but does contain animal rennet for production purposes, to ensure the highest quality is achieved.

NEW – Warwickshire Soft Bard, a firm fresh cheese  combining a Brie with a Vignotte, leaving a softness on the pallet which will mature releasing a subtle sweetness.