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Farthing Singleton & Hastings

Business Address: Farthing Singleton & Hastings, Deben House 650, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich IP4 4PW

Country: England,

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About Farthing Singleton & Hastings

It is a privilege to be entrusted with the care of funeral arrangements and this is a responsibility which we do not take lightly.

We are specialist funeral directors, still family owned and family run, providing an up to date service which meets the expectations of today's society, but still maintains the traditional values of sympathetic help and advice. The guiding principle which runs through the whole of our work is that we are here to help at the most difficult of times. We are available day and night, seven days a week.

The funeral of someone you love is always a time of sadness and grief for what we have lost, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate and be grateful for all we have shared with that person.

It is our role to ensure that the family is able to make informed decisions, and look after every detail of the arrangements, whether for a simple traditional funeral, a greener goodbye or a creative contemporary ceremony.

The roots of the business go back to 1840 when Edward S Singleton started out in business in Woodbridge Road in Ipswich.

A few years later, in 1876, Mr Hastings began his business in St Matthews Street in Ipswich. At that time the role of the undertaker was very basic, generally limited to simply providing the coffin and possibly the horse drawn hearse for the funeral. Invariably the undertaker had another job, such as a carpenter, and only carried out the funeral role as a side line, which explains the long connection between the building trade and funeral directing.

Gradually, over the years the job of the undertaker has evolved into the present day funeral director who is able to offer a fully comprehensive service covering all aspects of the business. The breadth of service we now offer is far removed from the service of 1840, and is everything you would expect from a Funeral Director of the 21st Century.

The present day business is an amalgam of Mr Singleton and Mr Hastings original businesses, and of Farthing Funeral Service, which has its roots in Felixstowe. The name of Farthing was added to the business in Ipswich in 1993 when the continual striving for improvement was reflected by the decision to move to new purpose built premises in Woodbridge Road.

With origins in the building businesses of Andrews and Parkers, the Felixstowe branch was independently founded in 1955 by Donald and Margaret Farthing.

Pecks Funeral Service of Debenham had also been a part of a building firm, but was purchased by the Farthing family when Mr Peck retired in 1997. In 2000 a new office and chapel of rest was built, giving the area a modern and convenient dedicated facility.


Farthing Singleton & Hastings is a small family firm with a strong belief in the principle of caring for the individual needs of families - we like to think that your family is being looked after by our family of Robert, Luke and Heather Farthing, ably assisted by Andrea Race, Chris Griggs, Sharron MacDonald and Mick Pierson.