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Farsan Limited

Business Address: Farsan Limited, Unit 7 Ash Street, Leicester, Leicestershire LE5 0DA

Country: England,

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About Farsan Limited

Farsan Limited: The House of Savouries

Spearheaded by Mr. Nainesh Patel, OBE, from Farsan Ltd. and sister concern Farsan Foods Pvt Ltd. Everything we do reflects our VISION of 'Quality food for the nation'. We aim to ensure that food produced or sold is safe to eat, natural spices are used, and most important quality is maintained.

Our MISSION is that consumers should have the information they need to make informed choices about where and what they eat and that regulation and enforcement is risk-based and focused on improving public health. It is a private company , produced under HACCP Guidelines, categorized under Food Processors and Manufacturers specialised in vegetarian snacks like Samosa, Aloo Tikki, Kachori, Pattis, Patra etc. Exporting to usa, Europe, far east etc. Also, now Marketing and Distributing in the Indian market to caterers, retailers and food service sector. Our Companies usually offer: Food Processor service and our philosophy we employ in our company is 'The house of authentic ethnic savouries' with assured Superior Quality .

Farsan Limited is a family run business with many years of food manufacturing experience both in the UK and India. We produce high quality; handmade Indian food that is available for next day delivery. We use real authentic recipes and ingredients to create tasty treats including samosas, kachori, pattice, spring rolls and much more.

We provide products that are both fried then frozen. Also we have ready to heat and serve or a range of un-fried products that are ready to fry on your premises.

All Products are frozen and delivered by our specialised fleet of temperature controlled vehicles. Our range is completely vegetarian and suitable for all faiths and our factories adhere to all necessary legislation and HACCP requirements.