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Bringing the family business community together

Edward Billington & Son Ltd

Business Address: Edward Billington & Son Ltd. Cunard Building, Liverpool L3 1EL

Country: England,

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About Edward Billington & Son Ltd

We are a growing family of food and agriculture businesses based in the UK.

Based in Liverpool since 1858 we are proud to be an award-winning, family-owned business with a rich tradition for enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Our success has been built on our long term approach- spotting and seizing opportunities, sharing and gaining skills through partnerships and focusing on innovation.

We are a family of eight businesses:

  • English Provender Company
  • Wholesome Sweeteners (26%)
  • Criddle and Co Ltd
  • Carrs Billington Agriculture
  • Bar Foods
  • Billington Food Ingredients
  • TSC Foods