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D'Oyleys Farm

Business Address: D’Oyleys Farm, Sheephouse, Stadhampton, Oxford OX44 7UE

Country: England,

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About D'Oyleys Farm

D’Oyleys Farm has been worked by the White family for three generations.

For over 60 years the White family has been producing traditional turkeys for Christmas. Our Norfolk bronze birds are reared from one day old, free to range outside in our paddocks during the day and are housed at night in open barns on straw. All our birds are dry-plucked by hand (no added water) and hung to develop flavour and tenderness.

They are available for collection on 23rd or 24th December from the farm, where we serve mulled cider and home made mince pies.

Beef & lamb

In the summer we graze our livestock on traditional river meadows.

Over winter our flock of Suffolk-cross sheep are grazed on stubble turnips, bringing them indoors to lamb in April.

The first fat lambs are available from early August until the following March. They are sent by order to the local butchers and delivered to your door. You can order a half or a whole lamb. The joints include a neck roll, shoulder, leg, rack, mince, and plenty of chops and the meat is totally delicious!

Our pedigree Beef Shorthorn cattle come inside in the winter and are fed on grass silage and homegrown cereals. Our steers are fattened for the Morrisons supermarket traditional beef range and the heifers are brought on, so that they can re-join our herd in the following spring.

Please enquire about the availablitlity of beef.


We make high quality hay for home use and sale. The meadow hay is taken from the river meadows and the seeds hay from our rich rye grass/clover leys. Both are ideal for horses.

Arable crops

We grow a number of crops in rotation, supplying milling wheat to Warburtons, spring barley (for malting) and oil seed rape. Everything at D’Oyleys is produced to Farm Assured standards.