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Deaf Alerter plc

Business Address: Deaf Alerter plc, Enfield House, 303 Burton Road, Derby DE23 6AG

Country: England,

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About Deaf Alerter plc

Fire Alarm warning and messaging system for Deaf and hard of hearing people.

One in seven (15%) of the population is Deaf or hard of hearing. That is 8.7 million people in the U.K. Many cannot hear fire alarms or public address announcements. In bed many hearing-aid wearers become effectively Deaf as they sleep without wearing their hearing-aids.

Deaf Alerter plc is a multi million pound, profitable, stable and expanding company with thousands of customers across the UK and Ireland. Historically specialising in providing communication and alarm systems for Deaf and hard of hearing people, more recently our product portfolio has been expanded to provide emergency refuge communication systems for people with other disabilities as well as support personnel such as fire wardens.

Deaf Alerter is a product that was initially developed by Evets Communications Limited, a sister company in the ECL group formed in 1980, which continues to provide radio and data communications for the radio communication and broadcast industries. The company hence has a long history and significant experience in radio technology. The Deaf Alerter product is now exclusively available from Deaf Alerter plc and its authorised partners.

For over 20 years we have used our specialist knowledge of the radio communications industry to develop the market leading Deaf Alerter fire alarm and messaging system for Deaf and hard of hearing people.

Our unique and patented roaming system provides benefits to both the Deaf user and the building operator. This sets us apart from inferior site specific systems.

With thousands of installations across the UK, Deaf Alerter plc is responsible for the entire system; design, manufacture installation and support.

Being the market leader, more Deaf and hard of hearing people rely on Deaf Alerter to provide their fire alarm warning and public address messaging than all alternative solutions put together, thus it makes economic and social sense to install Deaf Alerter systems in your buildings. It is highly likely that people are already entering your building carrying a Deaf Alerter receiver.

You can find the Deaf Alerter system installed in virtually every market, ranging from public sector organisations such as universities and central government, to private sector organisations such as hotels and shopping malls.