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Crieff Hydro Limited

Business Address: Crieff Hydro, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 3LQ Scotland

Country: Scotland,

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About Crieff Hydro Limited

Crieff Hydro is Scotland's leading leisure hotel, with 60 indoor and outdoor activities, 5 places to eat, and inclusive childcar

It sounds a bit strange now, but to the Victorians, swimming in freezing spring water was just what the doctor ordered. So it goes that in 1868, under the management of physician Thomas H. Meikle, we opened our doors as The Strathearn Hydropathic Establishment Company.

Of course, a lot's changed since then (we've got a catchier name for a start). And the £40 million we've invested in recent years really shows. But what hasn't changed is the lineage behind the hotel.

After 140 years in business, Crieff Hydro is now managed by fifth generation descendants of Dr Meikle. We like to think he'd approve of the changes we've made.