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Cottam Brush Ltd

Business Address: Cottam Brush Ltd, Monkton Business Park, North Hebburn, NE31 2JZ

Country: England,

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About Cottam Brush Ltd

Cottam is at the forefront of brush design and manufacture.

Established in 1858, the Cottam family started out making brushes for the ship building and coal mining industries in North East England. Times change, however, and so have we.

Today Cottam is at the forefront of brush design and manufacture. With extensive knowledge, innovative design capability and modern manufacturing facilities, Cottam has become a trusted partner in specialist industries across the world.

The company has two main divisions:


This division focuses on the supply of high quality, good value products - mainly brushes, mops and related accessories.  The products are designed with the industrial user in mind and are sold through a range of distributors from large wholesale outlets, serving different client groups in all corners of the world, to smaller independent merchants in niche markets.

We design and manufacture some products inhouse; others we source from quality suppliers to give our customers the very best products.


Applications and customers for our Technical Solutions division are many and varied.  We work with ideas, concepts, drawings, full specifications to create brushes that solve particular problems.