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Carrs of Sheffield (mfg) Ltd.

Business Address: Carrs of Sheffield (mfg) Ltd.Troy House, Holbrook Avenue, Sheffield S20 3FH, England

Country: England,

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About Carrs of Sheffield (mfg) Ltd.

Luxury hallmarked sterling silver and silver-plated cutlery & accessories made in Sheffield by a family firm.

In a little over thirty five years, Carrs has created a prestigious silverware brand, world renowned for its values of quality and design.

Our many collections of highly desirable products will satisfy the needs of any occasion and the most discerning of customers. Despite our continued growth and expansion, Carrs still remains an independent, family-run company, with a strong sense of tradition and the determination to secure the business for generations to come.

Carrs is proud of its close links with the City of Sheffield and of its role in preserving the City’s illustrious cutlery and silverware heritage.

Sheffield and silver have been synonymous over well over two hundred and in its heyday the City enjoyed a global reputation for its manufacturing excellence across a range of materials but especially in steel, cutlery and silverware.

Carrs is pleased to be at the forefront of a movement to rejuvenate and restore that reputation and works hard to ensure that the very best of British craftsmanship is maintained and nurtured and that manufacturing remains woven into the fabric of the City. 

Sheffield is not only Britain’s fifth largest city, but is also one of its safest and greenest. A third of the conurbation lies within the Peak District National Park and half of its population lives just 15 minutes from open countryside. Over recent years Sheffield has emerged as a regional centre for leisure and culture and boasts a range of world-class sporting venues, a vibrant theatre scene and one of the most successful shopping complexes in the UK. It is a great place to live and work and Carrs Silver is glad to be able play its part in making sure that silverware remains at its heart.