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Brinsea® Products Ltd

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About Brinsea® Products Ltd

Brinsea® Products Ltd, the Incubation Specialists have been focusing on egg incubator design continuously since 1976, resulting in incubators and accessories offering you unparalleled practicality, reliability and hatch rates with healthy chicks time after time. 

Brinsea® was established in 1976 by Frank Pearce, an engineer with an interest in breeding birds. The interest became a passion, and the engineering knowledge channelled his enthusiasm to produce the most innovative incubators and brooders available.

The intervening years have seen the successful application of more patents than the rest of the small incubator industry combined, culminating in 2003 with the introduction of the world's first Contact Incubator to provide the environment that eggs really hatch best in - the natural nest.

Contact Incubator.

A desire to understand the problem, to objectively analyse the available data and find practical solutions, has been the driving motivation. We don't seek to re-invent the wheel but we do try to be certain that a 'wheel' is really what is required and that we use the right 'wheel' for the job, irrespective of what other people may do. We believe that even well tried ideas are capable of improvement, even our own.

Our products are designed to be long lasting and energy efficient. All incubators and brooders have cabinets made of moulded integral-skin foam polyurethane, except for clear window areas. This material provides exceptional thermal insulation and has a hard, impervious surface which is smooth and washable and withstands scrubbing. Good insulation together with 'Omnitherm' heating technology, heaters that can be printed on clear observation areas, ensure minimum power consumption, uniform temperature within cabinets and optimum response to controls. All our control systems are electronic and heavily protected from power spikes. All our fans are brushless DC computer types, which run silent and cool last many times longer than others. If a new technology come along, we will evaluate it and adopt it as appropriate so long as it offers better quality or value for money.

Brinsea has its own in-house facilities for an unusually wide range of manufacturing procedures from electronic assembly, sheet metal working and numerous methods for moulding and forming plastics. Every step of every process is subject to quality assurance procedures. This enables us to have tighter control over quality and supply than depending on a myriad of suppliers. It also facilitates testing of new ideas and prototyping of new products, which in turn helps us respond efficiently to the requirements of our customers. To augment this responsiveness, we recently set up our own state-of-the-art three dimensional computer aided design facility.

Since its humble beginnings Brinsea has developed into a highly professional team, each member of which is properly qualified for the job. However, Brinsea is still very much a family business devoted to the production of bird breeding products of the finest quality and value for money, and to the best possible service to customers.

The introduction of the first Contact Incubator will not allow us to rest on our laurels. Rather, it signals an acceleration of radical new product introductions over the next few years.