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Bob Rudd

Business Address: Bob Rudd, Hawthorn House, Brunswick Ind Estate, Brunswick Village, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE13 7BA

Country: England,

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About Bob Rudd

Starting in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1989, Bob Rudd is now one of the largest independent gaming machine suppliers across the UK. 

Bob Rudd is a family of gaming enthusiasts; a simple business built on solid standards. From free trade pubs to national pub companies (managed & tenanted), we don’t have different qualities of service to cater for different sized clients; we have one service – premium.

And that’s given to everyone we work with. Always.

Bob Rudd is dedicated to providing only the very best machines from all five of our sites across the UK because, as an independent company, we aren’t tied to any one supplier. It’s that simple, and it’s how Bob Rudd maintains the solid position of being ‘played more’.

We quickly expanded into four more depots due to customer demand for our unique offering:

  • We have only the most select machines from the most select suppliers
  • We’re independent, so we’re guided by our clients and their requirements
  • We have unrivalled maintenance speed & quality
  • We continuously research the industry for innovative products

All of the above are geared towards maximising cash in box earnings by keeping your customers playing. It’s a simple premise our business lives by.