SUN 15TH DEC 2019


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Biggers of Bailgate

Business Address: Biggers of Bailgate, 48 Bailgate, Lincoln LN1 3AP

Country: England,

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About Biggers of Bailgate

'Biggers' is a Cookware, Cake Decorating and Housewares shop situated in the uphill area of Lincoln, on the Bailgate next to the Roman Newport Arch.

A family run and owned firm. Originally started by Fred and Nellie Bigger in 1944, the shop was a very small and traditional hardware shop, with goods hanging from the ceiling and a display of merchandise on the pavement. Bikes and cycle repairs were the main trade at that time as well as other hardware items.

Over the years the shop has grown in space and stock lines have changed, moving away from cycles and hardware and concentrating more on cookware, housewares and most recently a range of cake decorating products. This progression tied in with the shop being lovingly passed through the family, with each generation having an input, and a reflection of the changing market place. We always try to stay on trend and up to date with what our customers are looking for – for example this season’s colour in cake decorating is purple, so we’ll be there when our customers are looking for purple wedding cakes or purple cake decorations!

We sell a wide variety of items, you will find nearly everything you will need for your home and family living, from light bulbs and window wipers to Wusthof knives, Claire Bowman cake lace and cake icing supplies – covering everything in between!!

We have built our reputation on selling only the best quality goods at a reasonable price, and only put "Sale" tickets on goods that are genuinely reduced.