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Bells of Lazenby Ltd

Business Address: Bells of Lazonby Ltd, Edenholme Bakery, Lazonby, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1BG

Country: England,

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About Bells of Lazenby Ltd

Bells of Lazonby is a family business and we have been around for 60 years now. That's a lot of time and experience in bread and cake making!

The business was founded in 1946 by John Bell - father of the current Managing Director Michael.

When he returned from the war - where he was attached to the Canadian Air force, shot down over Germany, held as a prisoner of war and subsequently freed by the Russians - his family had moved to the village of Lazonby.

As he didn’t have a job, John took the opportunity to develop the small bakery and shop which was attached to the family home, in order to raise some cash. There the business was formed and to this day the family joke is that John has never got a proper job!

In the early days, trade was built by providing door to door deliveries of bread and groceries to the local villages and the winter of 1947 - one of the worst on record – proved a daunting introduction. The business went from strength to strength and in the 1960s the opportunity arose to move to larger premises. The Department of Transport sold off the village railway buildings and so the bakery moved from its home in the centre of the village to a much bigger site containing passenger station (now the Business Centre), a railway goods siding (still forming part of our bakery), some land and 6 railway cottages. We have since built on the land to provide offices, development test bakery and dedicated free from bakery. In addition we have 4 High Street shops (located in Penrith, Carlisle, Wigton & Workington), our Village Bakery Café in Melmerby and a fleet of vans.

Our past is all around us but our eye for the future has contributed much to the business success.