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George Bateman and Son Ltd

Business Address: George Bateman and Son Ltd, Salem Bridge Brewery,Wainfleet, Lincolnshire PE24 4JE

Country: England,

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About George Bateman and Son Ltd

With years of brewing excellence, it is little wonder Batemans boasts a range of multi-award winning beers, that satisfy even the most discerning of palate, in addition to changing beers.

"In your business don't ever lose the human touch with your employees and tenants."

This was the advice given by our grandfather, Mr Harry Bateman, to other brewers of the East Midlands Brewers' Association in 1953. How many of those brewers listened? History will judge, as so many of them are now closed or swallowed up by other breweries!

We are now at the helm, working alongside a Board of Directors, the majority of them having been handpicked by our father, George, one of the true heroes of the brewing industry.

Harry's wise and caring philosophy has carried down the generations and is one of the major reasons for Batemans Brewery's success – that and having great beers, great pubs and great people. We were delighted in March 2009 to be judged the Publican Pub Company of the Year (19 – 200 pubs) and in April 2010 we were judged the Publican Regional Brewer of the Year.

Independence is a wonderful thing, especially when combined with working with passionate and talented people who are full of endeavour. It means that, as a company, the dollar is not King. Without any city shareholders or a hungry parent company to keep happy and provide instant maximum returns, often at the expense of people and the future, we are able to adopt principles which give a secure and rewarding future for all.

Led by George, our family fought for three years in the mid 1980s to keep Batemans independent. The vultures circled suggesting it was a fight we couldn't win and that we should take the money and run, but they underestimated our resolve and passion. We did not cash in and allow asset stripers to put a block of flats on the brewery site!

Success has left us both, along with the Board of Directors and staff, well aware of our responsibilities and that we are 'holders for a generation'. Takeover in the future?...