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Bassett Group Holdings Ltd

Business Address: Bassett Group Holdings Ltd, Transport House, Tittensor, Stoke-on-Trent, ST12 9HD

Country: England,

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About Bassett Group Holdings Ltd

Warehousing, Driver Training and Transport Services throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

Ideally situated in the "Heart of England", Bassett Group Holdings Ltd. is a market leader in the provision of U.K. and European Road Haulage, Warehousing and Driver Training Services.

A family business, founded in 1897, Bassetts proudly provides ISO 9002 approved quality service to its customers, both in the U.K. and in Western Europe.

The involvement of The Bassett Family in road transport originates from 1897, and successive years have seen the operation evolve to encompass the dramatic developments in the industry throughout the twentieth century. Our history is comprehensively scripted in the limited edition “Bassetts of Tittensor - 100 Years of Transport”.

In 1989 the organisation of the established companies was formally restructured under Bassett Group Holdings Ltd and the four major transport related operations were re-organised in their respective allocated companies, brief details of which are provided above.

As a progressive privately owned organisation, we are superbly located in the “Heart of England” and comprehensively equipped to provide ISO 9002 quality assured services to a wide range of customers throughout the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Our vehicles, depot and support facilities compare with the finest in the country and meet both the exacting requirements of modern technology , EU regulations and statutory environmental controls.