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Bringing the family business community together

Bandvulc Tyres Ltd

Business Address: Bandvulc Tyres Ltd, Gillard Way, Lee Mill Industrial Estate, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 9LN

Country: England,

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About Bandvulc Tyres Ltd

Bandvulc is a key environmental tyre management and manufacturing company

The innovation and energy demonstrated by the two brothers, John and Richard O'Connell, when they started the company in 1971 has carried Bandvulc forward with great success.  Today numerous other members of the family are involved and the company enjoys continued growth.

Bandvulc's ethos continues to be the most innovative tyre recycling company in the market.  It is the only independent tyre retreader in the UK to have its own compound mixing works, tyre management and tyre support call handling facility under one roof.  This ensures that Bandvulc customers get a consistent approach to their business. 

Tyre production started in 1971 at just 35 tyres per week.  Today some 3,500 tyres are produced every week and undergo stringent testing prior to and throughout the retreading process.  Our state of the art tyre processing facility 'Camelot' was officially opened by HRH Princess Anne and the Arthurian theme has spread throughout the company to include Galahad (integrated call/fleet management software), Merlin (unique tyre production tracking system), Arthur (process control) and Ector (preventative maintenance system). 

Devon Rubber started in 1980 to provide the best quality rubber specifically designed for a Bandvulc tyre.  Devon Rubber has continued to grow and sells no rubber to any other retreader.  By having a modern testing and development laboratory new compounds for rolling resistance, increased mileage and specific applications, such as the waste market, are developed in-house and supplied for use on a Bandvulc retread.

Bandvulc Tyre Contracts (BTC) continues to expand its business in tyre management providing customers with a one-stop shop 'from cradle to grave'.  Significant investment has been made by the Group into leading edge software and in 2009 the introduction of a complete Disaster Recovery office offsite enables all its customers to be comfortable that tyre management will continue in the event of a major catastrophe in or around Bandvulc's head office.

BTC Tyre Support Unit (TSU) gives customers the confidence that their fleet is moving with maximum efficiency and minimum down time.  By having the ability to select the best service provider to meet the customer's demands all vehicles are kept running with as much up-time as possible. 

Patrick O'ConnellPatrick O'Connell, Managing Director, Bandvulc Group adds: "Continual growth, expansion and innovation within the Group is an exciting challenge and one that relies massively on the team within Bandvulc all working together.  We will continue to be focused on innovation, efficiency, environmental management and quality while listening to our customers to develop bespoke solutions for them."

Further development within the Bandvulc Group looks towards Europe as expansion into new markets.  Bandvulc's aim to stay at the forefront of technology with unrivalled products, services and quality means that it stays on track as a key environmental tyre management and manufacturing company well into the future.