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Arthur Jary & Sons Limited

Business Address: Arthur Jary & Sons Limited, 213-215 Northgate Street, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 1DH

Country: England,

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About Arthur Jary & Sons Limited

Independent funeral directors and memorial specialists.

Arthur Jary & Sons is an independent, family owned and run company. Arthur Jary started work as an apprentice carpenter with a local firm and founded his own building company in 1899. In common with many small firms at that time, he was asked to 'undertake' funerals and four years later began to specialise in that field of work.

As the company passes from generation to generation, hearses and limousines are constantly renewed and updated to maintain the reputation for quality which is now associated with the business.

Arthur's great-grandaughter Susan Thompson now runs the company, which is one of only a few in the area to have celebrated one hundred years of business in the hands of the same family. Susan's son Sean, is now a qualified Funeral Director and Arthur Jary & Sons Ltd is confidently looking forward to caring for families for the next 100 years.

Funeral requirements are constantly changing and we carry out funerals on behalf of various ethnic, religious and social groups including those which diversify from the normal traditions.

We can arrange for repatriations and specialist funerals, including horse drawn hearses and carriages, or any other form of transport you may require. Please don't be afraid to ask for our advice - we will always be more than willing to give guidance on the practicalities of your requirements.