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ArcelorMittal S.A.

Business Address: ArcelorMittal S.A., 24-26, Boulevard d’Avranches, L-1160 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Country: Luxembourg,

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About ArcelorMittal S.A.

ArcelorMittal S.A. is a multinational steel manufacturing corporation headquartered in Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg.

Since its inception, ArcelorMittal has rapidly grown through a successful consolidation strategy with a number of significant acquisitions

ArcelorMittal is the successor to Mittal Steel, a business originally set up in 1976 by

Mr Lakshmi N Mittal, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors. ArcelorMittal was created through the merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel in 2006.

Mittal Steel’s rapid growth since 1989 has been the result of combining a successful consolidation strategy with a number of significant acquisitions.

At a glance

With annual achievable production capacity of approximately 115 million tonnes of crude steel, and 222,000 employees across 60 countries, ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. 

With an industrial presence in 19 countries, we are the leader in all major global steel markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging, with leading research and development and technology, sizeable captive supplies of raw materials, and outstanding distribution networks. 

Our approach

Our core philosophy is to produce safe, sustainable steel. In so doing, our top priority issafety and our goal is to be the world’s safest steel and mining company.

As a company, we are committed to our promise of ‘transforming tomorrow’. Guiding us in this are our values of sustainability, quality and leadership.


We are a world-leading steel producer with annual achievable production capacity of approximately 115 million tonnes of crude steel in 2014. Our steel shipments in 2014 totalled 85.1 million tonnes.

We are the largest producer of steel in North and South America and Africa, a significant steel producer in the CIS region, and have a growing presence in Asia, including investments in China and India. We are also the largest steel producer in the EU, with significant operations in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania.


A world-class mining business, ArcelorMittal has a global portfolio of 15 operating units with mines in operation and development, and is one of the largest iron ore producers in the world.

In 2014, our mines and strategic contracts produced 77.0 million tonnes of iron ore and met 65% of the company’s iron ore requirements. We also produced 7.7 million tonnes of coking coal and PCI, meeting 17% of the company’s PCI and coal requirements.

We currently have iron ore mining activities in Algeria, Brazil, Bosnia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Liberia, Mexico, Ukraine and the United States.

Research and development

ArcelorMittal is at the forefront of steel production research and development (R&D). We have 12 major research centres worldwide and our R&D expense in 2014 was $259 million.

Investing in the future provides the technical foundation for the sustainability and commercial success of the company.

We use our researchers’ expertise in steel to develop cleaner processes and greener products, including ultra-high-strength steels and Ultra-Low CO2 Steelmaking, to make steel production more sustainable and help reduce both our own environmental impact and that of our customers.