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Business Address: Appleby's, Broadhay Farm, Lower Heath, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 2BJ

Country: England,

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About Appleby's

Farming and cheesemaking have been a way of life for the Appleby family for several generations

The Appleby’s work closely as a family to produce, mature and retail their award winning Appleby’s Cheshire, Appleby’s Smoked and Appleby’s Double Gloucester. The traditional Cheshire Cheese recipe has been handed down through the Appleby family and now Edward and Christine. son Paul and wife Sarah are fully involved in the business - along with their four children who all love cheese!

The family are supported in the dairy by Garry Gray, the Head Cheesemaker and by the team on the farm. Cheese is a part of the Appleby family!