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About Amarelli

The oldest manufacturers of liquirice in the world.

A very interesting story, the Amarelli’s one, that started at the beginning of the XI century and continued during the centuries among crusades, literary commitment and agriculture in their large landed estates.

Old records testify that Amarelli’s Family was interested in the roots of a particular plant which grew wild along its wide latifundia since sixteenth century. Its name was liquorice, scientifically called glycyrrhiza glabra, that means “sweet root”.

In 1731 Amarelli’s established a “concio” one of the first pre-industrial organization in order to extract the juice of this beneficial plant. 

So, shiny, black liquorice was born for children’s pleasure and for everyone who enjoyed eating a very natural product. 

After three centuries the Amarelli Company - member of “les Hénokiens” which consists of the thirty-six family-owned companies all over the world that are hundred years old at least still produces, with exclusive working methods, a very high quality liquorice which can be eaten pure, soft, sugar-coated or tasted as delicious aroma for small nougats, brandy and spirit. 

The revival of  this unique history can be found in “Giorgio Amarelli’s Museum” in the historical family residence. “Giorgio Amarelli’s Museum”  was awarded the “Guggenheim Culture and Business Prize”. Also a stamp was dedicated to it concerning “ The Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage” that had a print run of 3.500.000 copies.

A visit here means to know a rare entrepreneurial experience strictly linked to the economic history of its region and a perfect combination between an excellent craftsmanship tradition and an updated technology.