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About Mars

Mars, Incorporated is one of world's leading food manufacturers.

Mars, Incorporated is one of world's leading food manufacturers.

Mars was founded by Frank C. Mars and is a company that is known for the confectionery items that it creates, such as Milky Way, M&M's, Twix, Skittles, Snickers, and the Mars bar. They also produce non-confectionery snacks, such as Combos, and other foods, including Uncle Ben's Rice and pasta sauce brand Dolmio, as well as pet foods, such as Whiskas and Pedigree brands.

Frank C. Mars, whose mother taught him to hand dip candy, sold candy by age 19.

The Mars Candy Factory he started in 1891 with Ethel V. Mars, his second wife, in Tacoma, Washington.  This factory produced and sold fresh candy wholesale, but ultimately, the venture failed. By 1920, Frank Mars had returned to his home state, Minnesota, where the earliest incarnation of the present day Mars was founded that year as Mar-O-Bar Co. in Minneapolis and later incorporated there as Mars, Incorporated.

Forrest Mars, son of Frank Mars and his first wife, who was also named Ethel, was inspired by a popular type of milkshake in 1923, to introduce the Milky Way bar, advertised as a "chocolate Malted Milk in a candy bar,", and became the best-selling candy bar.

In 1929, Frank moved the company to Chicago, Illinois and started full production in a plant which still exists today. In 1932, Forrest started Mars Limited in the United Kingdom, and launched the Mars bar.

Mars is still a family-owned business, belonging to the Mars family. The company is famous for its secrecy. A 1993 Washington Post Magazine article was a rare raising of the veil, as the reporter was able to see the "M"s being applied to the M&M's, something that "no out-sider had ever before been invited to observe."

Moving into the fourth generation of family ownership, the company recently passed from family leadership into non-family leadership; however, the business is still owned by the family.