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Kirkpatrick Limited

Business Address: Kirkpatrick Limited, PO Box 17, Frederick Street, Town Wharf Business Park, Walsall, WS2 9NF

Country: England,

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About Kirkpatrick Limited

Located in the heart of England, Kirkpatrick Ltd is the oldest established manufacturer of black iron door and window furniture.

William Kirkpatrick, Esq. founded the business in the year 1855 in Walsall, which carried on for many years in his name and under his direction.

His son, Vincent Kirkpatrick, succeeded his father and presided over the incorporation of the business as a Limited Company in 1901. Upon incorporation, many loyal and long  serving employees were given a shareholding. This started a tradition which continues to this day. Many of the descendents of those first shareholders still retain their interest in the Company and the Kirkpatrick family still also retain a shareholding.

Looking back through old catalogues it is possible to see that many of the products from the late 19th and early 20th centuries still feature in our new catalogue. However, the product range has evolved over the years reflecting changing tastes and fashions. 

The periods 1914-18 and 1939-45 meant that production needed to be concentrated on the war effort. Following the Second World War and the return of employees from National Service the current product range began to take shape again as austerity measures were cut back and the rebuilding of Britain began.

In addition to producing its own range of Builders Ironmongery Kirkpatrick was also a jobbing foundry making products to customers own specifications. Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s this side of the business began to be less important as demand for its own products grew. During this time there were many foundries in and around Walsall and indeed throughout the Black Country. Over the years most of these have fallen by the wayside as production has been transferred to India and the Far East. Kirkpatrick Ltd has survived by offering the highest quality product and by developing its products to meet the demands of a changing market.

Kirkpatrick remains the only UK based manufacturer of Traditional Black Ironmongery.