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Bringing the family business community together

The Stetson University Family Enterprise Center

The Stetson University Family Enterprise Center

Business Address: The Stetson University Family Enterprise Center, 421 N. Woodland Blvd. Unit 8398 DeLand, Florida 32723

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About Us

Creating an intimate, innovative environment for family enterprises to learn, grow and prosper

The Stetson University Family Enterprise Center is focused on providing the best educational opportunities for individuals and entities that work with family enterprises:

  • Members of the "Next Generation"
  • Family business owners
  • Professional advisors to family enterprises

Our brand, or promise, is to be the world's best development program for the next generation in family enterprise. Starting in 1998, with the nation's second minor shortly thereafter, and creating the nation's first major in family enterprise in 2004, we believe we have fulfilled our promise.

With the core of our holistic model being centered around developing the next generation, we conduct international conferences and research related to family enterprise, with an emphasis on the next generation.

We believe that the opportunities presented to the next generation may include:

  • Leading their own family's enterprise
  • Being a business advisor to family enterprises, or
  • Otherwise serving a family enterprise

We believe these opportunities should be addressed as an integrated theme informing every part of a college education. Specifically, we offer that through the four greatest benefits of our program, which are:

  • Greater credibility; legitimate confidence that others can evaluate
  • Greater marketability; the skills, credentials and experiences to pursue a career you are passionate about.
  • Deeper and more informed advice, feedback and support from your peers.
  • Communication with your family on an adult and professional level.

We don't just study family enterprise, we practice it!

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