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Bringing the family business community together

DCU Centre for Family Business

DCU Centre for Family Business

Business Address: DCU Centre for Family Business, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

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About Us

DCU Centre for Family Business is the first centre of excellence and learning in Ireland, translating leading Irish and international research into best practice, for incumbent and future generations of Irish family businesses.

We are committed to developing a centre that achieves international recognition as a hub of expertise and advice for family firms.

The Centre for Family Business was established in 2013. The Centre aims to lead national and international research in the area of family business. The DCU Centre for Family Business will become a centre of excellence for Irish family firms by educating the current and next generation about the challenges and opportunities of the family business owner. 

What is Family Business? 

A business is considered a family business if members of one family, or a small number of related families control the business:

  • by holding more than 50% of voting shares, and/or
  • by supplying a significant proportion of the senior management AND
  • the owners and /or senior managers perceive the business to be a family business. 

Our Vision  

To be the first centre of excellence in the management and sustainability of Irish family businesses for future generations. To support family businesses with leading management advice based on best industry practice.

Our Objectives 

  • Translating knowledge into practice for owners and managers of Irish family businesses.
  • To pro-actively engage with Irish family businesses.
  • To highlight nationally the importance of Irish family businesses to the Irish economy.

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