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Bringing the family business community together



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About Us

Since 1983 CAFE has been helping Canadian business families succeed by bringing them together to share knowledge and experiences. CAFE is where business families connect with peers and resources for success - you are not alone! 

Helping business families succeed by promoting family business and bringing families together to share experiences.

Family business is one of the oldest forms of commercial enterprise in the world with an estimated 80% of all businesses worldwide being familiy owned and operated. Current research demonstrates that, on average, family businesses last longer and outperform their non-family-run competitors and contribute upwards of 70-90% of global GDP. As a vital driver of world economies we all directly or indirectly depend on the the success of family businesses. The Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFE) is committed to this success.  

Established in 1983, CAFE is a national not-for-profit organization that has a mandate to promote the well-being, understanding and success of families in business. Through 13 chapters across Canada, CAFE provides support, knowledge and resources to those involved in family enterprise including both extended business families and the advisors that counsel them.  Through participation in peer groups, seminars and conferences, CAFE has provided a confidential forum for families and their advisors to share ideas, learn best practices and build their collective skills. CAFE is where family businesses talk.

Through participation in peer groups, seminars and conferences, CAFE provides a forum for families and their advisors to share ideas, learn best practices and build their collective skills.

Our Vision

CAFE will be recognized as the best place for families in business to connect with peers to share experiences.

Our Mission

The Canadian Association of Family Enterprise is a member driven National Association that is passionately committed to assisting families in business and building their pivotal contribution to the economy of Canada.

Our Objectives

  • To educate, inform and encourage its members by sharing experiences in areas of unique interest to the family business, through a stimulating program of activities that bring to its members the best sources of information and professional advice available.
  • To foster greater awareness and understanding by governments of family enterprise and of its function in the present and future economic community of Canada.
  • To provide the nucleus for meaningful exchange of ideas and help between individuals involved in family enterprise at all generation levels.
  • To build a network of acquaintanceship and information-sharing between participants in family business throughout Canada.
  • To provide the personal and business support for family members to successfully pass on the legacy of their business and family values on to the next generation.

Our Values

The Canadian Association of Family Enterprise is a community of business families and the professionals that advise them, as well as organizations, academics, and those who have an interest in family business. CAFE connects this community through a variety of programs and forums that facilitate the sharing of experience, knowledge, resources and support, with the goal of helping family businesses succeed.

Members of our community support and promote the best interests of business families and family business and the vital contribution they make to the economy and culture of Canada. CAFE encourages members of our family business community to embrace the following values:

Our members help and support each other in an environment of confidentiality, respect and trust.

Our members strive to gain a deeper understanding of the unique aspects of family business and family dynamics and how to manage the interplay between them.

We help build strong families through ongoing, open communication and by following family business best practices.

Our members contribute and add value to our family business community.

We value the knowledge and expertise our Advisor members bring to our community.

We advocate a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach to family business advising.

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our members and their desire to seek professional advice and services on their terms.

We are inclusive and invite anyone that supports family business to join our community.


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