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Adviser Profile - Sandy Loder

Sandy Loder

Title: Mr

Company: AH Loder Advisers

Sector: Professional Services

Business Address: 12 Elystan Street, London SW3 3PW

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  • Qualifications
  • Core Activities
  • STEP Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising

    Member of the Institute for Family Business

    Family Firm Institute Member

    5th Generation Family Business Member

    18 Years Working in the Family Business

  • Consultant
    Coach or Mentor
    Family Business Consultant
    Family Office Executive
    Private Office Adviser

Company Description

AH Loder Advisers offers strategic advice on estate planning, wealth and asset protection, family office establishment, post divorce regeneration.

AH Loder Advisers is a specialist consultancy business providing strategic advice to family businesses and enterprises, wealthy families and entrepreneurs to ensure inter-generational business continuity and wealth retention across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  We do not sell products but are in the business of providing a service aligned with our client's interests.

We provide strategic solutions to dealing with governance, succession planning, and a clear strategic objective to establishing or restructuring a family office.

We also provide performance leadership coaching for heirs of the business or wealth as well as for the executives of the family business.  We also provide a mentoring and entrepreneurial footpath for the next generation.

In terms of specifics, we offer the following:

Strategic Family Plan

Provide strategic planning for the family business system

Family Business/Enterprise

Family business adviser

Family governance

Succession planning

Business strategy consulting

Performance leadership coaching

Family Office

Strategic planning for new family offices

Restructuring of existing family offices

Next Generation

Preparing the next generation for succession

Educating the next generation to be 'smart'

Mentoring and personal performance leadership coaching


I am an experienced consultant who works closely with family businesses and enterprises on strategic issues, both at a professional and a personal development level.

As a fifth generation member of a family business which I worked in for 18 years, I am well versed in the issues that affect families working together and appreciate the nature of family dynamics and how relationships can affect the business too.

In terms of experience, I have lots of experience having set up one of the largest family offices in Europe, worked with over 300 next generation heirs of family businesses or wealth, am FSA registered and have over 30 years experience structuring and restructuring family businesses and family offices.