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Adviser Profile - Paul Andrews

Paul Andrews

Title: Managing Director

Company: Family Business United

Sector: Professional Services

Business Address: The Cliftons, 49 Pendenza, Cobham, Surrey UK KT11 3BY

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  • Qualifications
  • Awards
  • Chartered Accountant

  • Runner Up, Ambassador for Family Businesses, 2012 Red Ribbon Awards

Company Description

I own and run the top ranked online family business magazine and resource centre, building on years of experience of working in the family business sector.

Brought up in a family business I have continued to work with them throughout my career, from audit clients to developing a family business consultancy service to them for Grant Thornton, to being the non-family MD of one and then establishing a leading family business resource centre, developing an online family business community and becoming editor-in-chief of the UKs only bespoke family business magazine, Generation.

Throughout my career I have interviewed clients, developed plans to deal with their issues, written case studies and feature pieces, conducted research, organised and run events and developed strategies for working with family businesses too.

Since setting up Family Business United in 2012 an online magazine and resource centre for the family business community, I have also been working with a number of professional service organisations helping them to develop their offering to family businesses. Clients have included Grant Thornton International, KPMG, Farrer & Co, Coutts & Co and The Institute for Family Business.

Furthermore, I work with family businesses to help them with marketing and communications, particularly around maximising their use of social media.

I regularly undertake research projects too, interview family businesses for written features and releases and organise family business events as well.

I am very fortunate to be doing things that I do enjoy and working with family businesses is at the very heart of it all!