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Adviser Profile - Nick Love

Nick Love

Company: Princecroft Willis Limited

Sector: Professional Services

Business Address: Towngate House, 2-8 Parkstone Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 2PW

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  • Main Expertise
  • Core Activities
  • Family Business Consultancy
    Family Values
    Financial Planning
    Shareholders Agreements
    Succession Planning
  • Accountant

Company Description

It may be unusual to see the words 'accountants' and 'passion' in the same sentence but then we have always looked at things differently because we are genuinely passionate about helping our clients succeed - whether it's building a better business, early retirement, or simply more time with the family.

How do we do this?  We listen - because it's all about you...

Keeping a successful family business on track requires a balance of strategic business thinking, personal skills and family cohesion so with only 10% of family businesses successfully surviving to the third generation it is evident that it’s not always an easy task.

At Princecroft Willis our family business team provide support and advice to help overcome these challenges and our focus is to create not only a more successful business but also a stronger family.

The process is not easy and there is certainly no blueprint or “ten point plan” for success.

Why? Because every family business is different so understanding the needs and aspirations of the family is key. As one family member told us “Dad could be the richest man in the world but what we want most is for him to spend more time with us”

Whether it’s creating a better business, early retirement, or simply more time with the family our team are passionate about helping family businesses succeed.

So what about me?

Well, over the last 34 years (yes, I started straight from pre-school!!) I have been working with a complete cross section of owner managed and family businesses and if I had to highlight one skill those experiences have given me it would be “good listener”

My clients include a lot of family businesses – why? because I think that the listening skill is both needed and valued by those clients. There are a lot of different dynamics going on in a family business so you need to be a good listener to pick up on the needs of not just the business but the family as well.

Whether they are 10 years or 500 years old every family business has a story to tell……