SAT 20TH OCT 2018


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Open To Broader Financing Options

Latest research highlights that there is a willingness by family firms to consider alternative sources of finance for their business. Full Article

PwC Global Survey Shows Strategic Planning Issue

Lack of strategic planning more likely to hold back family businesses than economic headwinds according to latest global research from PwC Full Article

Family Business In Singapore

Latest research from KPMG in Singapore identifies the challenges facing family firms. Full Article

The Family And The Business

Research into the dynamics and relatioships in family firms in Malaysia. Full Article


More and more quality research is being done into the contributions and challenges associated with the family business sector.  We have collated some of our favourites here for you to peruse at your leisure.

The Family And The Business

Research into the dynamics and relatioships in family firms in Malaysi... Full Article

Study Of Family Owned Enterprises

An academic research project into family firms in the Dominican Republ... Full Article

Listed articles

Family Firms Need To Get Smart To New Wave!

Operators need to get up to speed and get mobile if they want to capture the 18-24 year old age group, is the advice from the UK’s largest provider of technology solutions to the hospitality sector, Zonal Retail Data Systems. Read More

CFO's Need To Be Digital Pioneers

CFOs need to become ‘digital pioneers’ to elevate their position and lead business change according to latest research that highlights the changing role of the CFO.  Family businesses need to take note. Read More

The Challenges That Lie Ahead For The Next Gen

Latest research from PwC shows the the next generation of family business leaders – or next gens - are well prepared, confident and ambitious, yet see some significant challenges ahead. Read More

Family Firms And Boards Of Directors

Interesting research piece from ISB Insight, The quarterly research journal from theĀ Indian School of Business. Read More

Time To Change Out Of Date Pensions

Latest research suggests the current pension system is not 'fit for purpose' Read More

The Oldest Family Businesses in Scotland

Family Business United conducted a recent research project to identify the oldest family firms in Scotland. Read More