TUE 26TH MAY 2020


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Governance Practices In GCC Family Firms

Joint research report published by The Pearl Initiative and PwC based on governance practices in GCC family firms. Full Article

Open To Broader Financing Options

Latest research highlights that there is a willingness by family firms to consider alternative sources of finance for their business. Full Article

Staying Power: Creating Lasting Success?

A global survey of the world’s largest family businesses that highlights some of the characteristics of firms planning to be around for the dura... Full Article

Togetherness In Indian Family Businesses

Latest research report from the Indian School of Business on trying to understand 'togetherness' in the family business Full Article

Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Key Findings From The Family Business Road Trip 2015

Family Business United is delighted to showcase some of the key findin... Full Article

Other Publications

The Four Pillars Of Capital

The tangible assets, business, properties, investments and intellectual property of a family which have quantifiable financial value. Read More

The UK Family Business Agenda

The results are in from our 2018 Family Business Survey,  What are the key challenges facing family firms across the UK today? Read More

Future Chemistry & The Family Business Workforce

Legislation to make shared parental leave compulsory will be needed to help close the gender pay gap, according to a report on the workforce of the future by legal firm Burness Paull. Read More

People As Catalysts For Business Growth

At any stage of growth in the family firm it's important the people in the organisation are drvien, motivated and highly skilled so they encourage and support the growth of the business. Read More

Family Businesses Unfazed By Brexit

From a survey of 100 family business owners, research has revealed that more than three quarters (82%) are optimistic that the UK is strong enough to be independent in the future Read More

Diversity Of Thought In Family Businesses

Latest findings from Grant Thornton family business research in Australia showing improvements in diversity but are they going far enough Read More