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Why International Women’s Day Can Help Promote Women In Industry

The UKs leading supplier of gritters and winter maintenance vehicles is celebrating its female employees today as the world marks International Women’s Day.

Yorkshire-based Econ may operate in what many regard as a male-dominated engineering and manufacturing world, but its ethos of equal opportunities continues to promote diversity within its workforce.

Figures from the Women’s Engineering Society released in 2022 revealed how women now make up 16.5% of all engineers in the UK, compared to 10.5% reported in 2010, representing a six per cent increase in the proportion of women in the workforce.

This year’s International Women’s Day message is to ‘inspire inclusion’, and Econ is keen to ensure opportunities at its Ripon factory are there for everyone… no matter your gender.

Econ director, Katie Sharman, said:

“Econ is a family run business which looks after its staff as though they were part of that family. Being a woman should not, and does not, prevent you from doing any job that you wish to take on, and here at Econ we make sure there are equal opportunities for all our staff."

“International Women’s Day is important as it raises the profile of women workers in a wide range of sectors and industries, helping to break down the barriers that may have previously blocked female applicants.”

With an 85% share of the market, Econ prides itself in providing the vehicles and machinery needed to keep our nation’s roads open and our streets safe.

Whether sold or leased to councils and contractors, the Econ vehicle stands for British manufacturing excellence and durability… and equality.

Finance Director, Beverley Shepherd, said:

"International women’s day is really important to Econ because it celebrates the achievements of our hard-working staff and promotes equality within the workforce.”

Clare Hope, Hire Desk Manager and Office Manager, added:

"I believe that days like International Women’s Day really do help to stamp out any inequality and stop discrimination across the workforce. To ensure that Econ has a more diverse workforce, all opportunities within the business are open to everybody, not only men, helping women to grow and to develop their skills.”

And Chrissie Gargett, Hire Desk Administrator at Econ, added: “The types of women who inspire me are those who challenge the industry and those who go against the grain."

“There are barriers within the industry because it is traditionally seen as a male dominated industry and it can be regarded as quite difficult for women to climb the ladder… but it is not impossible.”


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