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Swimming Provides A Splash Of Benefits

Swimming is an extremely popular sporting activity for people of all ages and abilities and is recognised as having lower impact on joints than some activities as well as providing a number of other benefits.

Here are 10 benefits associated with swimming on a regular basis:

A Full Body Workout

Swimming is one of those exercises that really does exercise the whole body, from head to toe, helping to build endurance, improve strength and tone muscles.

Sleep Benefits

Exercise has been linked to sleep in many studies over the years so swimming, as a good source of exercise, can actually improve and enhance the quality of sleep too!


As swimming is recognised as a lower impact sport than many others, it is often used to recover from injury and to help with general rehabilitation too.

Burns Calories

As it uses many muscles, swimming is a good exercise and an efficient way to help burn calories.

Improves Mood

Exercise in general has been proven to provide enhanced personal moods and swimming as an exercise does the same.

Good For All Ages

From the young to the old, swimming is age agnostic. A great way for us all to get active and a particularly good way to provide exercise to the kids. Children generally enjoy the water and love to splash around and have fun. Swimming can be a fun way to exercise, spend time with the kids and benefit at the same time, not forgetting that for many it is a necessary life skill as well.

Good For The Cardiovascular System

Proven to strengthen the heart and lungs, swimming is a good exercise to provide a good muscle workout as well.

Stress Management

Life today continues at a fast pace and exercise is generally recognised as a good way to take some time out, helping alleviate some of the symptoms of stress too. Taking the time to take the plunge can take the mind of daily concerns and help to de-stress the body too.


There are not too many requirements for swimming so it is not an expensive sport to follow and is therefore more affordable for us all.


There aren’t many people that don’t enjoy splashing around in the pool so swimming can be fun as well as providing exercise at the same time!

With plenty of public swimming pools available, swimming is accessible to us all and with low costs to swim, and few equipment needs, it is also a more affordable exercise than many others, and has plenty of benefits too.


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