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'Perfect' Limited Edition Toffee Apple Crumble Flies Off The Shelves

A mouth-watering new autumn crumble has been launched by Derbyshire-based firm, Stacey’s Bakery.

The limited-edition sweet treat encapsulates the flavours of the season in one hearty dessert.

Perfected over a number of weeks by David Stacey, managing director of Stacey’s Bakery, alongside the firm’s established baker Kevin Byrne, the new Toffee Apple crumble is the latest addition to the bakery’s range and is available now from its branches in Ilkeston, Heanor and Eastwood.

Taking its lead from the season’s traditional toffee apple treats, the new crumble blends a filling of apple and toffee sauce with a crunchy crumble topping that combines ginger, cinnamon, black treacle and oatmeal. The result is a tastebud tantalising dessert that provides a taste of autumn in one delicious hit.

The crumble is the second toffee apple inspired product within the firm’s repertoire – customers are also currently enjoying toffee apple pastry crowns.

Four generations of bakers have built this family business on tradition and innovation for more than a century. Current head of the firm, David Stacey, said:

“There’s something about a traditional autumn crumble that appeals to our desire for comfort food as the weather changes and cooler temperatures sweep in. They’re that little bit of nostalgia that, for many, taps into childhood memories."

“Using ‘in season’ bounty is the best way to enjoy flavours that epitomise autumn and our new Toffee Apple Crumble is testament to that”.

Toffee Apple Crumble complements the firm’s existing crumble products - apple and also rhubarb. Available in two sizes – individual and family size portions – the products are priced at 90p and £3.40 respectively, and David says they are already flying off the shelves.

David Stacey said: “The flavours were first tasted tested on our shop staff who gave these products a firm thumbs up. Customer feedback echoes this response.”

Toffee Apple Crumbles are a limited-edition seasonal item, so you’ll need to head to one of the four Stacey’s Bakery Derbyshire stores soon if you want to get your hands on one before they are all gobbled up.

The line will soon make way for Christmas products. However, David said that the initial popularity of the new product may mean that, just like the seasonal Thor Cakes, this will become an autumn regular.


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