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New Book Shares Next Generation Perspective On Working With Your Family

Noémie Keime is the author of a recently published book entitled 'Working with your family: 3-step reflection on whether the family business is right for you.' Paul Andrews spoke to her to find out more of her background and the process that led to the book being written.

As Noémie explains, "After the Lycée Français de Toronto, I joined the large HEC Montréal family in 2016. I graduated in 2020 with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and International Affairs. During my last year, I had the incredible opportunity to be part of the first cohort of the 'Circuit Sur la voie de la relève' powered by the Families in Business – HEC Montreal chapter which strongly influenced the rest of my professional career."

In fact, the experience resulted in a decision for Noémie to get involved with her family business. "I was greatly motivated and chose to take over the family business founded by my father in 2004. In September 2020 I joined AB Foods as export manager. The integration was long and laborious but with focus and dedication I finally succeeded and now our succession process is underway!"

"Given my experience before joining the business and subsequent learnings and personal experiences within the family business, I decided to write a book to help young people in their thinking about getting involved in their own family businesses," continues Noémie.

This is a book that is aimed at the next generation asking themselves questions like:

  • Are you about to start your career or do you want to reorient yourself?

  • Would you like to have the autonomy of an entrepreneur without starting from scratch?

  • Have you considered the family business as a career option?

The book aims to provide next generation members with the necessary support in their process of reflection. This book introduces some of the particularities of a family business by exploring the 3 spheres that make it up: the business, the property and the family and will prompt consideration and questions about whether the family business is a solution for you.

Whether you want to get involved full-time, part-time, or not at all, this book will provide you with the opportunity to find out about the information needed to make informed decisions.

You can find out more and purchase a copy of the book here

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