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John Good Group Announces It's Strategic Transformation

John Good Group, a renowned leader in the travel and logistics industry, is delighted to announce its strategic transformation that includes a dynamic new brand identity, redesigned website, a focused investment arm in renewable energy, and a new executive team. This shift aligns with the company's strong commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

The new branding, carefully crafted to reflect the John Good Group's heritage, whilst signalling its forward-thinking and sustainable approach, incorporates a fresh logo and redesigned website. The new website offers an enhanced user experience, comprehensive insights about the group's companies and people within the organisation.

Simultaneously, John Good Group is amplifying its investment plans with a strong focus on sustainability. This move highlights the group's commitment to sustainable business practices and its aim to be an active participant in the global transition towards cleaner energy sources.

Moreover, the group is fortifying its leadership with the induction of a new C-suite team. The team, comprising some of the top talent in their respective industries, is tasked with steering the company towards its growth objectives while fortifying its commitment to sustainable practices.

Rich Quelch, Chief Marketing Officer of John Good Group, says, “The John Good Group is now galvanising the new phase of the group with our focus on People, Planet, and Performance, we're committing to being a real force for good and at the forefront of the John Good Group brand. Our new branding and website reflect not just our group's identity, but the sectors we are seeking to invest and expand in. This is an exciting journey as a leading, family-owned business that is continuously innovating for a brighter future.”

As part of its strategic transformation, John Good Group is placing considerable emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. The group believes in the power of business to bring positive change and is dedicated to integrating ESG principles into its operations and investment decisions.


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