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Hurdles That The Next Generation Should Seek To Avoid

Paul Andrews was in conversation with Kristin Keffeler from the USA as part of the 2023 Global Family Business Summit organised by Family Business United where they discussed all things next generation and some of the challenges faced by the rising generation and next generation when entering or considering entering into the business.

Kristin herself saw her father create, list and sell a significant business and now uses her experience to help others, having written a number of books on the topic, notably when significant levels of wealth or large, multi-generational businesses are involved.

Plenty of insight and takeaways in the discussion which as Paul confirms was a "fresh, authentic and honest insight into some of the traps that the next generation need to be aware of and avoid. Kristin shared some great thoughts on how there is a need to be authentic and happy with who you are and to continually seek to learn, push boundaries and develop skills to achieve your goals."

Enjoy the conversation and if you want to find out more check out the recent book that Kristin published, The Myth Of The Silver Spoon, here

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