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Glasgow Charity Gets A Break After £3,200 Allied Donation

A group of volunteers supporting disadvantaged children in Glasgow’s East End will be able to create a sensory room in their community flat after a four-figure donation from one of the city’s most prominent family firms.

Geeza Break has been providing respite and support services to vulnerable children and families for over 30 years. The charity said community and family life had changed in recent years, with many parents having minimal contact with other family members.

Geeza Break said this can result in parents and children becoming isolated, and in times of stress or crisis, vulnerable.

Through the group, parents are offered practical support, which enables their children to develop and remain in their own community. They approached Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust – the charity arm of Allied Vehicles in Possilpark – for help creating a sensory room for the children and were given a £3,200 donation.

Such facilities use different equipment to target all five senses in a relaxing and soothing atmosphere to suit the needs of each user.

The charity’s CEO Doreen Paterson said the gift was “fantastic” and reckoned it would take a couple of weeks for their new sensory room to be ready: “Geeza Break is absolutely delighted to receive funding from Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust which will cover the full cost to create the new sensory room for our Geeza Sense Project at our community flat in Parkhead, Glasgow,” she said. “The sensory room will make the world of difference to the children and families we support and will be a valuable resource in supporting our work."

“The main resources we intend on purchasing with the funding … are an interactive floor space with a soft play area with mood lighting. We will also look to have mirrors (concave and convex, infinity) and busy boards permanently fixed to the wall."

“We also hope to create different themes within the room (eg under the sea, space theme) and incorporate texture walls where possible. In addition to this we aim to have a musical instruments box, a fidget toy box, water toys, projectors and many different types and colours of lights (ie mood lighting, water table, ball, panels that respond to touch, string lights etc)."

“The Geeza Sense sessions will provide an inclusive sensory rich environment with a Montessori approach. This will provide a hands-on learning experience in a safe and stimulating environment where children are free to roam and discover for themselves.”

David Facenna, Allied Corporate Culture Director, who handed over the cheque to the charity, added: “I’ve heard a lot about the range of work Geeza Break does and it is much more extensive than I realised."

“I like the idea of sensory rooms, which can be a great benefit for the youngsters, giving them a safe, quiet space to chill, and Geeza Break are not alone in using them. I hope our donation makes a difference for them and I look forward to seeing the room when it’s finished.”


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