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Generation Z And The Future Family Business Workforce

In this latest family business insight session, Paul Andrews speaks to Alex Atherton about Generation Z, the future of the family business workplace and how family firms can look to recruit, retain and motivate the best of the youngest generation in the workplace.

Going forward Generation Z will represent over 25% of the UK workforce by 2025 and businesses need to understand what makes this generation tick, what they are looking for in terms of opportunities and how to market these in order to attract the necessary staff going forward.

The session covers a range of topics from the factors and circumstances that have influenced a generation, living through uncertain economic times, a pandemic and the growth of social pressures that are shaping the desires and work intentions of the future workforce.

We also explore some of the characteristics of Gen Z, what they are looking for and how important it is for family businesses to tell their story, be authentic and honest, reinforce the opportunity and to listen and showcase their newest recruits to demonstrate their words are real too.

Gen Z are different but they are bright, academic achievers and able to focus when they need to. Businesses need to be heard by them, career opportunities need to be presented in the right way and Gen Z want to be engaged. Family businesses have a story to tell and are well placed to use their authenticity to attract the right people but from day one, retention and motivation is on the agenda and it is really important the family firms do deliver on any promises made because this is a generation that knows what they want and they will move on if they feel that the opportunities are not being delivered.

Watch the recording and join us for a fascinating insight into the world of Gen Z and how to adapt your business so that it is more likely to be of interest to your future employee pool.


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