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Furniture Brand French Bedroom Names New MD

E-commerce brand, French Bedroom, has announced the promotion of Holly Yates to Managing Director as the company celebrates 17 years of creating beautiful, French style furniture.

Holly Yates joined French Bedroom in June 2020 as Head of Brand in a role that saw her accountable for managing the business’ marketing channels. She brought with her 12 years of experience across marketing, including digital, creative and experiential as well as brand and advertising, having worked at leading companies including Johnson & Johnson.

Passionate about people, leadership and communication, Holly has experience forming strategies for brands of all shapes and sizes and is adept at supporting strategy and decision making. She brings plenty of stakeholder management experience to her role as MD.

In her new role as Managing Director, Holly is involved in all aspects of the business, from facilitating financial meetings and conducting HR reviews, to running creative sessions and cultivating company culture. Her key focus will be sales, marketing and driving growth as French Bedroom continues its brand building journey.

Speaking of her new appointment Holly says,

“Playing such a crucial role in the long-term success of a brand I adore and for founders I admire is a huge career milestone for me. Every day I am learning, growing and watching the business, team and profits grow around me, which makes all the hard work worthwhile. The last three years have absolutely flown by, and I can see the next three years of hard work, growth and success crystal clearly - with a little sprinkle of fun, that only owners like Georgia and Ben could add to the mix.”

Of the year ahead Holly says, “With inflation where it is, the conditions are tough for businesses as well as homeowners. We expect the next 12 months to be harder to convert sales, which means the team has to work even harder to hit our growth targets. As an SME with so much potential for growth, we’ll be taking advantage of our size and speed to adapt to new conditions. We’re focused on how we can make unique bedroom furniture of the highest quality, and how we can make our customers feel heard and supported.”

Creative Director and Founder of French Bedroom, Georgia Metcalfe adds, “Holly perfectly shares my ‘anything is possible’ mantra, coupled with my pace of work, she knows a morning idea can be an afternoon implementation. It’s a fast-paced, deep thinking, quick decision-making environment so the connection, chemistry and interdependence Holly and I share is imperative. Yet we can also be polar opposites, bringing different angles and ideas to both board room and to creative sessions. Holly is complementary force, so we form a dynamic system where the whole is greater than the individual parts. When you have a working partner who knows what you’re thinking and can osmotically absorb

information, you know you have the very best.’’


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