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Family Business Top 100 Recognition For Danny Pecorelli

We are delighted to announce that Danny Pecorelli from the Exclusive Collection has been included within the inaugural Family Business United ‘Family Business Top 100,’ which recognises the exceptional contribution of individuals and their work within a family business.

Recognition in respect of:

  • Inspirational Leadership

  • Sustainable Development Ambassador

  • Champion of Change & Innovation

  • Family Business Steward

Exclusive Collection, one of the most respected independent companies in the hospitality sector over the last 40 years, has been led by Danny Pecorelli since 2001.

Danny has a genuine and sincere love of the hospitality sector, as well as being a visionary and an advocate of socially conscious businesses. In particular he values and invests in his people, is always focused on his customers in order to give them the best experience possible and is mindful of the footprint and impact his business actions have on the environment and society.

Danny has nurtured a familial culture where people are treated as individuals, given opportunities for development and growth and all feel like they are genuinely being cared for. His company embraces the fact that people are the biggest asset and while the hotels are all beautiful, it’s the warmth of spirit and that welcoming sense of belonging that makes Exclusive Collection the brand it is.

Danny is truly deserving of recognition and his place in the Family Business Top 100.


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