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Family Business As A Force For Good

Friday 15 September sees the family business community come together as one for our inaugural 'Family Business Cuppa 4 Good' campaign which is sponsored by Furniture Village.

Family businesses are all about their people and the past few years have been far from easy, with many still embracing the working from home culture and balancing the needs of the business with a new way of working. Family Business United wanted to create a moment where family firms could bring their teams together as part of a 'wellbeing check in' over a cup of tea or coffee and provide a chance to talk.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United explains, "This event is an opportunity to get together and to check in with staff, catch up socially and meet fellow employees and afford the businesses a chance to make an impact locally by raising funds from events such as a cake sale or collecting donations for a local food bank. It is essentially a nationwide coffee morning where family firms can make a difference and feel part of something bigger at the same time."

"We are encouraging as many family firms as possible to take part, whether it is a small team in the office or a wider collective and to have a 'cuppa 4 good' with it being for their own personal wellbeing and for individuals to take a few minutes away from work as a break to chat with colleagues and maybe at the same time to do something for the local community too."

Family businesses are encouraged to take a break and share images on social media of their gathering, ideally with a cuppa in their hands.

"This event is something new for us and we are looking forward once again to the family business community coming together as one, this time doing something for their people and focusing on their wellbeing."

"It would not be possible without the support of our sponsors at Furniture Village and we are delighted to have their support," concludes Paul.


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