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Dr Marta Widz Inducted Into Family Business Hall Of Fame

We are delighted to announce that Dr Marta Widz has been inducted into the Family Business United ‘Family Business Hall of Fame,’ which recognises the exceptional contribution of individuals and their work in advancing the field of family business.

Dr. Marta Widz is a family business professor, faculty member of several universities and institutes, writer, lecturer, key-note speaker, family business trusted advisor and mentor of next generation.

She specializes in family business governance, sustainability as well as purposeful ownership, wealth, and family office. Family Capital has recognized her as Top 100 Family Influencers, and as Top 20 Family Business Advisors, and “those nominating Widz say she has made a significant impact in family enterprise across Europe, America and Asia…" Marta is the founder of Family Silver Institute. She is Affiliated Faculty at the Family Business Institute at

the Grossman Business School of the University of Vermont, USA; Executive in Residence at INSEAD’s Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise; Affiliated Faculty at the Stewardship Asia Center in Singapore, as well as an Affiliated Expert of the Institute of Family Business (IBR) in Poland. She also serves as a Regional Governance Partner at the International Board Foundation and is a member of Female Board Pool.

Marta obtained her Ph.D. at the Centre for Family Business at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and was the Research Fellow at IMD Business School, Switzerland. Later, she became the leading contributor to the research at the Wealth Management Institute (WMI), Singapore, as Senior Research Fellow and Research Director and the Managing Editor of The Family Office Journal, a publication devoted to topics such as impact, sustainability, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, next gen, family office ecosystem.

A truly global citizen, Marta is a citizen of Poland and Switzerland, and the alumna of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the UK; the Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS); the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Poland; HANKEN, Finland; and IMD Business School, Switzerland.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United adds,

“Marta has made a significant contribution to the family business community and continues to do so and thoroughly deserves her place in the Family Business Hall of Fame.”

As Marta concludes, "Resilience, socio-emotional wealth, familiness, owner’s identity, emotional value, non-family CEO, family council, publicly-listed family businesses, family office are just a few terms that describe selected aspects of the richness and complexity of the family businesses’ world."

"Tasting this richness and untapping these complexities is a fascinating journey. A journey that takes distinctive shapes in different parts of the world. A journey that makes my senses, intellect, and emotions alert. A journey that never ends. I feel honoured to be recognized in the Family Business Hall of Fame’ and privileged to share this spectacular journey with my colleagues from the family business field."


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