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Bridge of Weir Leather Wins Marie Claire Sustainable Interior Award

Bridge of Weir, supplier of the world’s lowest carbon leather for the automotive sector, is proud to announce that it has been honoured with the Sustainable Interior award at the 2023 Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards in the Motor category.

Marie Claire UK's third annual Sustainability Awards celebrate brands, organisations and products dedicated to implementing positive change and shaping a more sustainable future. In a world grappling with climate challenges, the awards identify trailblazing companies that are driving significant progress in sustainability and inspiring others to follow suit.

The event highlighted transportation as a significant contributor to carbon emissions, posing a substantial climate challenge. Marie Claire UK commended Bridge of Weir Leather with the Sustainable Interior award for being a leader in sustainability, inspiring others through its dedication and innovation to circular and ethical leather production.

Andrea Thompson, Sustainability Awards judge and Marie Claire UK’s Editor in Chief, praised Bridge of Weir Leather, stated: "[Bridge of Weir] is leading the way in sustainable interiors for motors."

James Muirhead, Sales Director for Automotive, said:

“Being awarded with this high recognition reinforces Bridge of Weir's unwavering commitment to sustainability and exceptional industry practices to reduce the automotive industry's environmental impact. We have dedicated ourselves to producing the lowest carbon leather through world-leading initiatives and technologies that not only reduce our impact but also help carmakers reduce their carbon impact without offsetting. Importantly, we want our practices to serve as a blueprint for industry and inspire others to make change.”

Bridge of Weir was praised for its life cycle analysis (LCA) result of 8kg CO2 e/m2 on average leather product and for being the only automotive leather manufacturer to publish an independent LCA.

The company's commitment to transparency, ethical standards, and gender equality practices was also commended at the awards ceremony.

Bridge of Weir Leather ensures that its leather production starts with responsible sourcing, with 100% traceability and zero risk of deforestation in the raw hide supply chain. The company's leather is the ultimate upcycled material, created through a 'circular' low-impact manufacturing process. Bridge of Weir utilises raw hides from the local beef and dairy industries, with over 98% sourced within the UK and Ireland. This upcycling approach prevents these hides from ending up in landfills, where they would emit hundreds of tonnes of harmful methane emissions each year.

Since 2003, Scottish Leather Group, of which Bridge of Weir is a part, has reduced the average carbon intensity per hide by an impressive 90%. The group achieves this through the use of 100% renewable electricity and the conversion of process waste into energy. A new £14 million Super Tannery has also just been opened to further accelerate its sustainability leadership by investing in advanced tanning equipment that reduces energy and water use by 82% and 42% respectively

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