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12 Reasons To Celebrate The Family Business Sector

Here at Family Business United we are always looking for ways to celebrate the family business sector and this short video identifies 12 reasons that we think family firms are worth celebrating.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United explains, "Family firms are the backbone of the national economy and the engine room powering the growth and development of the UK and deserve recognition for all that they do."

The 12 reasons identified are:

  1. Because family firms are the backbone of the UK economy

  2. Because family firms deserve recognition for all that they do

  3. Because there are over 6 million family firms across the UK

  4. Because they generate significant income across the country

  5. Because they help to put Britain on the global map

  6. Because they are innovative and stay the test of time

  7. Because they have a narrative, values and a real sense of purpose

  8. Because they are entrepreneurial and take a long-term view

  9. Because they care

  10. Because they are pioneers where things really matter

  11. Because they are often custodians of firms for future generations

  12. Because family firms are a real force for good.

"We are proud to champion the family business sector and to create pieces like this which clearly demonstrate the importance of family businesses too."


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